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6 Things I Like About World Of Bread Workshop by Eton Global Institute

6 Things I Like About World Of Bread Workshop by Eton Global Institute

It's been two weeks since I was invited to Eton Global Institute's World of Bread Workshop and I can still feel the excitement during the event! Haha! You might be wondering, who or what is Eton Global Institute? And why am so excited about it? To give you a little background, I kind of like baking. However, I lack baking talent, plus, I fear failures, since it's a complex and a profession of perfection. I don't know why, but it's what I usually think when it comes to baking. But, I do love to learn if given a chance.

Thankfully, Eton Global Institute realized this dream. Not an inch of hesitation came to mind upon receiving their invitation for their World Of Bread Workshop! Hahahaha!

Eton Global Institute is the culinary division of the well known Eton International School in the Philippines. EIS is part of a global network of more than 1,500 schools that aims to make international education accessible too all. With it's affiliation and accreditation to the USA, Asia, and United Kingdom they are able to broaden student's horizon. Because they want to reach out local families and serve the community, this year, their culinary institute which is the Eton Global Institute was opened. The institute provides international training and life-skills programs for Culinary and Hospitality Management in Manila.

The school is strategically located at R.V. Marzan Bldg., Corner Makiling St. and Dimasalang Road, Sampaloc, Manila. Ms. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino the President of ETON GLOBAL INSTITUTE awarded us a one time memorable baking experience. 

Below you'll find the 6 things I like about their World of Bread program. Hoping to help those who are planning to take bread baking classes in the future. So, here it is!

1. WORLD CLASS Chef Mentors

The school's name speaks for itself. Not only they are internationally accredited, but also, their in-house chefs which will be everyone's mentor are internationally educated. They acquired skills from different countries. With their expertise and accomplishments, you can always learn the latest baking knowledge and skills from them. Don't worry, their way and style of teaching is easy to understand. 🙂Above photo from left to right are Chef Kazzie, Chef Chloe, Chef Caloy, Chef Jacqueline (President), Chef Edward, and Chef Renato. All of which patiently guided us through out the training. I really admire their patience and dedication specially most of us are new to baking. 🙂 Thumbs up to them!


Observing from their kitchen and training rooms, they provide baking equipment's and facilities which are world class and up to date. This enables the participants to be familiar with equipment's a baker uses. 

A primary kit of apron, and chef hat and recipes for the bread making workshop are also availalbe. This adds a more intense excitement for the baking course which I did. Hahah!

Not only that, they have televisions on the walls for the comfort of those who are at the back. 🙂


Another reason why I love their workshop is that they regularly remind you how and why cleanliness is an important part of baking. Of course, it's food that we're preparing and the health of consumers is our main concern.

Aside from creating great food, and outstanding students, they teach you to clean your workstation and utensils habitually. Specially because the scaling and bread kneading is done at the kitchen tables. I love this thing about them! A huge point why Eton Global Institute will stand out from other culinary schools.


Learning something new is better when people around are optimistic. Eton Global Institute exceeds my expectation when it comes to having a lively training. They are serious in lectures but are fun at the same time! 🙂 

The cheerful atmosphere determined everyone to be competitive. Laughter filled the room and it was really contagious. hahah! 🙂

Eton Global Institute Team

Another thing I notice from the framed quotation displays, they are all positive thoughts. Adding encouragement to everyone who reads them. The best quote that captured my heart was  "EAT WELL, TRAVEL OFTEN." Surely, this became something to me. Don't you? 😀


Ms. Jacqueline, the President is very hands-on. Her heart and attention right from the very start was for the participants to learn. Not only that, her mission is to share the knowledge and make culinary education affordable to all Filipino's. 

From discussion until the actual baking process Ms. Jacqueline is with us. Teaching, asking questions and participating all through out the training. She treats everyone nice and at home. I do admire her for having such a good heart to Filipino's and the most important of all, she puts God first above everything.

With humble heart I thank you, Eton and Ms. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino. I'm now a certified baker from the World of Bread category! Yey! 🙂

Eton Global Institute - Chef

6. WELLNESS Advocate

Finally, the 6th thing I like about Eton Global Institute is that they are a Wellness Advocate.

They not only prepare, delicious and healthy food but also they incorporated a gym right inside the building for those who want to exercise before or after baking. By the way, the building itself is also owned by Ms. Marzan's family. It's a one stop shop if you're a gym enthusiasts aside from baking and cooking!

Great news about it is once you enroll and become a member of the club, you'll have unlimited access in the gym. You can either cook or sweat your stress out! 😀 Great deal isn't it? If given another chance, I will again gladly accept! So why not call them right now?


  1.  JUNIOR CULINARY CLUB: A fun-filled culinary program to gather little chefs to an interactive cooking class. Every Saturday morning, they are invited to discover a new cuisine, taste new food and learn how to make it in an entertaining way.
  2. LIFESTYLE COURSE: This program was designed for adults who are curious to discover several cuisine and recipes. They offer a new class every week, with an average of 5 recipes for each theme.
  3. DIPLOMA COURSE: A 3 to 6 months professional programs in Culinary and Pastry Arts, Food & Beverage Operations, Bar Management and Hospitality Services. Specially conceived to provide students quality training and all the knowledge they will need to start their career and make their professional dreams come true.
    • Beginners Class : 1 Day Session.
    • Masters Class : 2-3 Days Session.
    • Special occasions : Individual classes, Private parties, Family celebrations, Professional parties, Events catering.

You may call them and inquire at (+632) 954 0662 or check their facebook page for informations.

Happy baking!

Disclaimer: Everything written here are my personal opinions. If you find it derogatory, hit me a message and I'll see what I can do.

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  1. This looks fun! I also want to go back to studying again, to acquire a new skill, but not necessarily baking. 🙂 But your post got me thinking of finally going the same route as you did.

  2. Wpw this looks amazing. i have a friend who took up baking lessons before and she’s really goof at it. I really wonder how much more will your pastries taste learning that youve been part of this..

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