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Bauang, La Union, Ilocos: Home To Gapuz Grape Farm

During our trip to Bauang, La Union, Ilocos, home to Gapuz Grape Farm, suddenly, I reminisce my childhood experience about these grape fruits. It's rare and I can count the times I ate grapes over the years of my childhood existence. Hahahah! Mainly, because, in Batanes, we can't easily grow this kind of berry. Moreover, importing fruits such as grapes from Manila is expensive! Price can go high as triple from it's normal or regular cost. Honestly, I can't blame the business people as we reside at the northern-most island of the Philippines resulting to expensive shipping-fees!

Considering these reasons, grapes became a memorable fruit for me particularly on holidays. Mom only buys this sweet-round fruit during this season! Plus it's the holidays! Who doesn't love holidays? 😀 My excitement magnifies when this season approaches. Lol! You may say it is too low, but to be honest, I'm content and happy when I get my piece of GRAPE! 🙂

Visiting Gapuz Grape Farm is one of the small things I am truly happy with! Finally seeing numerous grapes and personally pick one for myself! It's a sort of huge deal for me. Hahahahaha! So here's a quick adventure to this farm which perhaps will also interests you.

Knowing Gapuz Grape Farm:

Below is a photo with the quality grapes grown in this farm. We weren't able to see the violet variety of the grapes as it was already sold to the numerous tourists who visit ahead of us. Hence, we were left with the green ones which to my surprise are very sweet too!

Gapuz Grape FarmGrape picking is the main attraction on the farm. A kilo may cost Php 250.00 - 300.00 depending on the season. You'll be given a free taste of this delicious fruit. If you decide to pick, a scissor and basket will be your best friend. Hehehe! Make sure to listen to the person in charge as he or she will teach you the right way to pick. 🙂

There's no entrance fee, however, they charge Php 20.00 for taking photo's.

Best month to visit is between March to May which accordingly is the grape picking season.

They open as early as 7:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

Few Notes: 🙂

  • Have your own grapes picked and photo's taken from the farm.
  • Eat sweet grapes until you are full. 🙂
  • Enjoy the spacious farm and clean air.
  • The farm is few meters from the beach which you may visit too!
  • This activity is great for family and group bonding.
  • Kids will definitely enjoy a trip to this farm.
  • Collect your own trash and leave only memories. It's a huge help for our mother earth!

Getting To Gapuz Grape Farm From Manila:

  • Various bus companies transport to La Union. You may check Farinas, Five Star, Victory Liner, Partas, Florida and Dominion for their schedules.
  • Fare usually ranges from Php 400.00-450.00 per way. Travel period is 4-5 hours depending on the traffic. I suggest you travel during the wee hours. (Tip: Do you use student/senior discounts if you are one, it's your privilege :))
  • Once aboard the bus en route to Bauang, La Union, inform the driver to drop you at the Caba-Bauang boundery arch.
  • From there, it's only a few meters away from the farm. Just ask around, the locals will gladly help. 🙂
  • If you plan to visit on a private car, waze can be of big use. Just key in Gapuz Grape Farm and you're good to go!

That's it for another Ilocos side trip. Have fun and happy picking!

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored. Everything written here are my personal opinions. If you find it derogatory, give me a message and I'll see what I can do. Happy traveling!

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  1. Oh….I can just smell the grapes from here! That is a smell that totally brings me back to my childhood because we had a lot of wild grapes near us. Looks like a great place!

  2. Oh my this is fun! I can just imagine, parang Napa Valley lang ang peg. Ok na ang price of the grapes, it’s the experience you’re paying naman. 😀 ang photography fee is per person?

    1. That is true Sigrid. Nothing can compare an experience you earned. Nope, photo fee is not per person. 🙂 I don’t know if until they still charge.

  3. This is an amazing place, i will call it the “The land of the grape” haha, i love grapes but i don’t eat alot, by the way you look gorgeous xp!

  4. Wow didn’t know there was a grape oicking farm so close to us! Definitely going to check them out when we go on our next vacation as they are literally on our way. 😉

  5. Grapes are one of my most favorite fruits! I’d love to take my kids here because aside from the fact that they also love grapes, it would be so much fun grape picking with them too.

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