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Little Italy: Pizza, Comedy and Romance Fits

Little Italy: Pizza, Comedy and Romance Fits

Little Italy: Pizza, Comedy and Romance Fits. Why is this so? It's Friday and I could not wait to leave the office and watch the advance screening of Little Italy. This will be my very first time watching before the movie is released for public viewing!

With all my excitement and high expectations on, I found myself at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas for the advance screening hosted by BOB and Go Asia Entertainment.

Little Italy

I was little bit anxious watching a romantic movie all by myself. This is another first for me. Never in my life I did watch a movie by myself! To my surprise, watching Little Italy alone did nothing but end my week with a SMILE! 🙂

This movie is about the feud between two beautiful families trying to sabotage one another. Amidst these rivalries, two romantic relationship emerged that tried to complicate all things more. But in the end, love prevailed with a twist! Yes!

Three things I love about the film:

First, are the Pizza's! Of course, Italy is never complete without pizza's. However, the movie is not filmed in Italy but in Canada. Still, there's lot of Pizza making, Pizza eating, Pizza competition and Pizza conversations. Who does not love pizza?

Second, it’s a romantic movie 😍 It was like Romeo and Juliet but no one died. But guys, I’m not only talking about boyfriend and girlfriend relationships! The movie gave huge lessons on family, friendship and business relationships! Fully packed as one!

Third and last but not the least, it’s a comedy! Lol! You cannot just keep laughing all to yourself or else you’ll fart!🤣 Their punchlines are hilarious.

Franca and Carlo (THE grandparents) are really funny. At their age they still fought for love and happiness. I like their conversation with punchline that goes....

Franca: My mama told me that if a guy wants a lady he should put a ring on it. 
Carlo: What’s your mother’s name? Beyonce?
Franca: No! It’s Bianca! 😂

Sorry, but I laughed real good! Matching the lines at their age was real good!

Now you know why Little Italy: Pizza, Comedy and Romance Fits is my title!

Little Italy is showing October 3 on wards! Starring Emma Roberts as Nikki and Hayden Christensen as Leo. Grab your family, friends and love ones. I believe you'll enjoy watching same thing I did. Happy watching!

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