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Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4×4 Adventure Ride

Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4×4 Adventure Ride

Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 Adventure Ride and more...

Aside from the Bahay Na Bato, another must try and see attraction at the northern part of the Philippines is the Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 adventure ride!

Hearing the words "Sand dunes",  I can only think of a desert or a barren landscape. A lonely, massive amount of sands plus hot temperature also comes to my mind. True to it's description, finally, a chance to experience and see what a desert looks like came this year. A visit to the famous Sand Dunes is one of our top destination during our five days northern road trip.

Located at Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, Sand Dunes is mostly visited of those seeking for adrenaline rush! It is a 85-square-kilometre (33 sq mi) protected sandy coastal desert and beach. Good way to release the energy stored in your body! Hahaha! By all means, scream all you can!

And oh, don't worry, this is not an all 4x4 adventure only. Aside from the exhilarating ride, there are three more things to do here. So please read on..

Warning: Pregnant woman and those with heart and lung medical conditions are not allowed to try the Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 adventure ride. I only recommend this for persons who are fond of extreme adventures, if you're not one, then, you can skip this spot. However, if you are trying to overcome some of your fears like me, then go on and have fun! 🙂 You can never replace a great experience anyway. 

Paoay, Ilocos Sand Dunes Activities

Upon arriving, registration and signing of waiver is first on the list. After-which you can pay Php 2,500.00 for one vehicle good for maximum of 5-person and you may choose your ride! Take note that in case something happens to you, the operator or management is not liable as the waiver states. This is a ride at your own risk everyone!

Tip: Visit early in the morning to avoid long lines and extreme heat. Don't forget to apply sunblocks. 🙂

1. 4x4 Extreme Adventure Ride

Tourist from different places visits here for the extreme 4x4 adventure ride through the uphill and downhill landscapes of Paoay Sand Dunes. Brace yourselves as the ride offers forward and backward through the rough sand trails. I assure you that after the activity, your hands will have red marks and blisters may occur.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is a 90 degree free fall ride on your last stop! Very steep so hold your breath, close your eyes and just scream it all the way down!

This is one adventure we can't forget, also, another first for us! We are looking forward for more!Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 Adventure Ride

2. Picture Taking - Top View of Sand Dunes

First stop of the ride is the most picturesque view of Sand Dunes. Here, tour guides let your group pose for a picture and I'm telling you, they really know what they are doing! They can capture the best jump shot for you. It's time to change your new profile pictures my friends.

Below is a picture I took on the top of view of Sand Dunes. It is breath taking and windy here, so if you have long hair be sure to wear pony tails. You do not want your picture to be an all hair photo. 😀

Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes View

3. Sand boarding

On your second stop, guides will ask if you wish to try sand boarding.

Sand boarding is a board sport similar to snowboarding. It is a recreational activity and takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. It involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board.

Since I'm already at the Paoay, Ilocos Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 Adventure Ride hype, might as well try sand boarding too! So, I went on and then yahoo! There I go! Hahahahah! Extreme and scary at first but once you start riding, you'll want to try more! Guides can give you the option to stand or sit on the board. Of course, I'm no expert and also to be safe, I opted to sit. I only tried once as I don't want to shame myself further. Hahahaha!

I did have a video for this, however, the quality is not that good. So sad I can't share it with you. 🙁

This will require a 15-30 minute stopover depending on the line so, hop on and let the sands take you away.

4. Short Beach Bumming

The last stop before heading back is the by the beach. In here you can explore the coast of Paoay for a moment. Take pictures, relax and feel the adrenaline rush cooling down. Afterwards, we are then back to reality! 🙁

Paoay, Sand Dunes Beach View

And that's it! Our Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 Adventure Ride is a success! Do you want to visit soon? Don't hold back, give it a try. 🙂 I'm pretty sure you'll have fun experience when you try the Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 Adventure Ride. It's a double check on your bucket list!

Tip: Comfort rooms are not well maintained. There is no running water, so do take a pee along the way before coming here. 🙂 Wear long sleeves and bring extra clothing, you'll be needing it afterwards.

Side Trip

We left Sand Dunes before lunch time as we are heading to our next spot which is Pagudpod. We stopped by the St. Agustin Church and took some photos, however, I could not find any photo's of the church on my camera. 🙁 If you plan on getting here, do check it out. The church is beautiful!

Moving on, there is a stall of Ilocos Empanada in front of the church which is famous on this region. You cannot leave Ilocos Norte without trying this out. You can find Empanda in Ilocos anywhere, but there is a plaza in Vigan, Ilocos Norte that is highly commendable. Check out my upcoming blog for this.

Ilocos Empanada

To ease the heat, we also had some Ilocos coolers. Really needed some as it's 12 noon and extremely hot.

Ilocos Coolers

After here, we then travel to our next destination, here we come Pagudpod! Will be blogging about it soon!

Getting Here

BUS - Manila to Ilocos Norte

Bus companies such as Fariñas, Partas, Florida, Philippine Rabbit and Dominion have regular trips going to Ilocos. It will take 10-12 hours travel time, so it is best to travel during the night. Schedules and rates can be viewed on their websites.

Airplane - Manila to Ilocos Norte

Airline companies such as Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air flies to Ilocos frequently. Check their websites for bookings and rates.

Upon arriving, you may check with your hotel if they offer Paoay, Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes Extreme 4x4 adventure ride tour. Most of the hotel have connections so no need to worry. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored. Everything written here are my personal opinions. If you find it derogatory, give me a message and I'll see what I can do. Happy reading!

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    1. We really did! Wow! If you find yourself here, do get the most of your time traveling. There are so many places to visit and explore. My favorite part here in the Philippines is still my hometown Batanes, I have yet to make blog about it and hope you stay tune for it. 🙂

  1. I am not really into extreme activities. I always think about my kids, but heck, sometimes I get so spontaneous. Maybe right now I would say, “No, thanks!” But when I am there, I can’t guarantee I would say no. Hahaha…

  2. This is cool adventure, and truly heart pumping. Will try your recommendation, anyway still not preggo.

  3. Wow! Did not know you could do these activities in Paoay! So cool! Definitely going to check these out when we find ourselves back in Ilocos Norte! 🙂

  4. We have done this ride as a family. We enjoyed the 4x4s going up and down the sand dunes. Too bad I was too nervous to rode a board down a dune.

  5. The place is very for the filming of action-packed movie wherein chasing scene of cars, jeeps are to be fielded. Our high school principal had been to this a couple months ago. He enjoyed his tour there.

  6. Wow, that sure looks like a lot of fun! I’ve never tried anything like that 4×4 adventure ride before. I’m sure it is something my hubby would enjoy doing.

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