Manjuyod Sandbar, Maldives-like Attraction Of Philippines DIY Guide

Manjuyod Sandbar Cover

Ever heard about Manjuyod Sandbar? No? My friend, you’re missing this wonderful place. Familiar with Maldives? Yes? Then you’re getting the picture. As many utters, Manjuyod Sandbar is somewhat the Maldives-like destination of the Philippines. You read it right, but, there’s a BUT – it’s minus the luxurious accommodations in it.  I won’t be giving […]

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Starting the Journey

Mavid a araw! A dialect from my home province that say’s “good day” in English. Today, June 5, 2016 marks the official launching of my website This site will serve as my online journal since I wanted to cherish all the travels I’ve accomplished. I have been working for almost 8-years and had been […]

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