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Tangadan Falls, La Union’s Cliff Jumping Spot

Tangadan Falls, La Union’s Cliff Jumping Spot

I've always known La Union for their beaches. Learning about Tangadan falls heightened our excitement and led us to an impromptu trip. Just like that, off we go. Hahaha! Aside from Batangas, La Union is a destination Manileño's usually go for a quick vacation away from the Metro traffic. 

Tangadan falls and it's extreme cliff jumping adventure made it to  my bucket list. An experience my travel buddy loves but scares me on the other side. Hahaha! Still, I want to conquer my fears and of course I want to share the world why Philippines is so amazing.

So here's our day tour adventure to the famous Tangadan falls of San Gabriel, La Union.


According to wikipedia, San Gabriel, La Union have 15 barangays. One of which is Barangay Amontoc where you can find Tangandan Falls. Barangay Amantoc was named after the rich old man, Ama Ontoc who was believed owned most of the land in the said barangay.

When Ama Ontoc died he donated the whole place to the people, thus as a tribute to his generosity, the people named the said Barangay as Amontoc.

That is one generous man. Moving on...


Tangadan Falls TrekkingThere at two ways to reach Tangadan Falls. Easy way up is hiring a habal-habal or a single motorcycle up and walking a few minutes to the falls. Another way is by trekking your way up. It's a little exhausting but it's a way of embracing what nature has to offer. Moreover, it's a good way to stretch your muscles and eradicate those excess fats in our bodies. Lol. 😀

The trek can last 45 minutes, however, if you trek at slow phase,  it will take an hour or more. Trekking  Tangadan falls is a little easy. It was exhausting but fulfilling. Good thing we left most of our things in the car.

Hence, my first tip for you is to bring only water, snacks, cap, and camera's of course. If you bring heavy things it will only slow you down. 

For first timers like us, there are tour guides available. Second tip, it is highly commend you hire a guide. Not only that you can help give them a living but also for you own safety. They know very well the way plus you'll instantly have a personal photographer. 🙂 Their services costs Php 500.00 for a maximum of 10 person in a group.


Below is our first stop, the cliff jumping site of the river. Jumping is free, however, if you want to rent a life vest there are available at Php 50.00 only. 🙂 In my case, this activity is a pass. Watching from a distance makes me happy already. 🙂 Third tip, always go for safety. So do rent your life vests.Tangadan Falls Clff Jumping

Along the way, we took some photos and really it was worth while. Good for your new profile pictures and instagram account updates. Also it's one best way to bond with your buddy, family or friends.

However, I don't recommend bringing family members who have heart or breathing problems. Although it's a good way of exercise, if something happens, the hospital is very far. As I mention, safety is always our priority. 🙂Tangadan Falls - TrekkingAs seen on the photo's the river is a little dry, it's because this was taken summer of 2017. If you want to see raving water, best to visit is the rainy season. It will be muddy and of course harder to trek.

Fourth tip, if you are a professional trekker, best months to visit is July-December (rainy season). The river will be very busy with raging waters and will be slippery as well, so please trek with cautious.Tangadan Falls - RiverOur ultimate goal is to reach the falls and indeed we accomplished it. Since it was summer, many visitors even foreigners are enjoying the falls.

I hope the government will regulate the numbers of visitor per day. It's really crowded. Anyhow, this did not stop us from relishing this lovely falls.

We will visit again during the rainy season to see ourselves the difference between summer and rainy season. 🙂 So stay tune for that.Tangadan Falls - top

Finally, it felt really good that we come this far and did enjoy our trip. My buddy here had fun on his cliff jumping adventures and I enjoyed the cold water and trekking. Tangadan Falls - TopThis day tour can consume only half of your day so you can still head on to the beach of San Juan La Union.

We had our lunch along the way and went on beach bumming and left again to Manila.San Juan, La Union BeachThe trip only costs less than Php 1,500.00 per person, a little pricey since we travel on a private car. This will be cheaper if you commute 🙂 Are you itching for another road trip? Head on to La Union and experience this adventure on your own. 🙂

If you have more time, you can drop by at GAPUZ GRAPE FARM for a grape picking experience. 🙂 Still in La Union.


  • BUS - various bus companies travel to La Union. There is Partas Cubao and Pasay terminals. Farinas and Dominion also from Cubao terminal and many more. Take the one bound to La Union, travel time is 5-7 hours depending on traffic and fare cost is Php 400.00. Get off at San Juan and ride a jeep going to San Gabriel city hall at Php 19.00. Upon arriving register and hire a tricycle who will basically be your tour guide at Php 500.00 pesos. If you don't need a guide, just pay the fare.
  • PRIVATE CAR - Just key in Tangadan Falls on your waze app and your good to go! 🙂

Happy traveling!

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored. Everything written here are my personal opinions. If you find it derogatory, hit me a message and I'll see what I can do. 🙂

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  1. I have heard a lot of beautiful scenery, tourist spot, and beaches in the Philippines. and this Tangadan Falls is so breathtaking. The peaceful ambiance, clear water and the calming sound of the wave is definitely fulfilling. It seems that you really enjoy your trip there in the La Union.

  2. I admire your strength in trekking! OMG Im so weak for that 🙂
    And that’s a gorgeous lake. It reminds me of that famous lake in Rome, that was said to be the bathing spot of the Gods.

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