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Want to book your flights and tickets with cashback? Do it with ShopBack!

Want to book your flights and tickets with cashback? Do it with ShopBack!

Hey! Do you love traveling a lot? Have it ever came to your mind that you wish you can travel and receive a cashback on all of your purchases? For every airfare and hotel bookings? Well, I did! Thanks to ShopBachk.ph for letting me review their online shopping portal that offers cashback from numerous merchants. These includes the best travel deals you can find and many more! With ShopBack, online shopping will never be the same.

What or Who is ShopBack.ph?

What or who is ShopBack.ph? Generally it is an online shopping company who works with various merchants. They offer the best deals and discounts from over 300+ stores, plus CASHBACK! Yes, that is right, for every purchase there will be a corresponding percentage cashback.

On top of all the cashback you can earn, there are also great deals for you to enjoy at ShopBack. So if you look at the store pages on ShopBack, you can enjoy savings from deals for your travel expenses like Accor Hotels offers on accomodation. There also may be offers from Philippine Airlines or Asiana Airlines codes for flight tickets that you should also look out for. All these deals on top of cashback lets you enjoy maximum savings when you shop!

Most of your favorite store are available for cashback when purchased via ShopBack.ph.

Shopback Various Merchants Book your next travel destination and accommodations or shop your favorite brands in just one click!

How does Cashback work?

Merchants rewards ShopBack.ph with commission for referring you to shop on their site. Instead of keeping the rewards to ShopBack.ph themselves, they will share it to me and you!How ShopBack WorksHere's a sample computation for a purchase of items at Shopback.

My Personal Experience with Shopback.ph

At first, I was hesitant about the legitimacy of the site. Of course, we can't assure all we see and read on the internet is true. So, I started researching and eventually found myself creating and account. Hahaha!

Opening and account is easy as 1, 2 , and 3. You can use your facebook or email to sign up, add a password and your are good to go. And oh, by the way, if you sign up now, a Php 100.00 sign up bonus is waiting for you! Refer your friends and you'll also receive additional bonus! 

I plan on booking my next travel adventure via Shopback.ph. However, my schedule is full for the coming months as I have previous bookings done early this year.

And so... Since I am attending a friend's wedding on August, I tried purchasing a dress at Lazada. As promised, Shopback gave back 9% on the RSP of the dress!

Note: Make sure to read further information before purchasing as the cashback percentage differs every item.

Oh, boy! How happy was I!  I got the Lazada discount, at the same time got a cashback using Shopback.ph. It's the best deal I received so far! 🙂 Here's my account so you can see.My personal account at Shopback

Above shows Php 100.00 bonus plus my pending cashback amount of Php 59.56 from my Lazada purchase. Merchant needs to verify the purchase first that is why it is on the pending tab. Once verified, It will be on the redeemable tab which usually takes 75 days or less. I know, I know, waiting time is long, but it is better than nothing, right?

Earnings should amount to Php 300.oo to be valid for a payout. And if your account gets idle for a year after your first purchase, the existing cashback will expire. :'(

Why wait? Sign up now!

Online Shopping will never be the same with Shopback.ph, so sign up now to experience the cheapest way of shopping your favorite travel destinations and store brands. 🙂 What are you waiting for? Click on sign up and claim your bonus Now!

Lot's of Love,

Gale 🙂

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  1. Apart from the cashback amount expiring after a year, the shopback deals are pretty great. Is it applicable only in phillipines or whole of Asia?

  2. that´s pretty nice. I will try it when I go to Asia. I actually use a different thing which seems to be available mostly in Western countries but a few things work worldwide and is very helpful (i used it for booking accomadations for my travels, get some new maps for my GPS etc.) it´s called ebates. ou might heard about it? Feel free to check it out here https://www.ebates.com/r/DREAMA895?eeid=28187 Maybe you find some more helpful discounts and cashbacks

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