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White Sand Bungalows (Malapascua, Cebu)

White Sand Bungalows (Malapascua, Cebu)

White Sand Bungalows is a very candid accommodation great for people who can sleep without the comfort of an aircon. Each bungalow has a veranda, attic and comfort room which can accommodate minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 guest.

Rent price is Php 1,500.00, roughly $ 30-31 per night good for two guest, and an additional Php 150.00 per guest for extra occupants. The accommodation does not include breakfast, but still, a budget friendly accommodation for a world class destination.

All bungalows are beachfront with a hammock on your veranda that offers a view of the Malapascua white sand beach. This gives a relaxed feeling after a day of diving, cliff jumping, island hopping or getting around the island via habal-habal ride. Imagine yourself humming with the birds and feeling the sea breeze while swaying with the wind. 🙂

Serenity best to describe the place.

The Rooms

Nothing special about the rooms, but I do enjoyed sleeping here for you can hear the waves and feel the breeze of the air at night. So much love for this kind of place to relax and clear your mind out of all work stress and Metro traffic scenarios!

Below you'll find pictures of the beds, one at the 1st floor and two at the attic. All of them have mosquito nets and electric fans.


White Sand Bungalows have their own restaurant, which offers Thai food at a reasonable price. So, if your a fan of Thai food then this is the place for you. But other restaurants are also available.

However, if you're on a budget trip the village has many local foods to offer.

Note also that, White Sands Bungalows have no kitchen for safety reasons. The Bungalows are made of combustible materials so it is not appropriate to have a kitchen installed. But don't worry, they have grilling area that you can utilize and the staffs can assist happily with this.

Getting to White Sand Bungalows

From Cebu Mactan International Airport - ride a taxi going to North Bus terminal (20 min/early morning) for Php 140.00 - 150.00.

Take a bus going to Daan Bantayan Maya Port - regular fare is Php 163.00 ($ 2.00)while senior and student fare is Php 133.00 for the non aircon bus. According to the dispatcher, aircon bus arrives every 3 hrs but we don't want to wait and waste time so we took the non aircon and arrived at the port after 3 hrs.

From Maya Port - take a Bangka to Malapascua Island for Php 100.00, however, the port is under construction (as of February 2017) and you'll have to pay extra Php 20.00 for the small Bangka to take you to a bigger Bangka, which be notified that the transfer is very challenging, so be careful as not to capsize.

(Tip: change your footwear to slippers or aqua shoes upon arriving as you'll have to walk on the water going to the Bangka. There's a big chance you'll get wet during the transfer. Wave alert! 🙂 )

Upon arriving at Malapascua, just ask anyone of the porters around and they'll definitely know where White Sand Bungalows is. It will only take a 8-10 minute walk.

Another option is to rent a van for Php 3,300.00 ($ 68.00) going to Maya port, just connect with White Sand Bungalow as they have someone to assist your group.

Traveling to Malapascua takes lot of time, but I promise you, the place is a paradise you would not want to miss on your travel diaries.

If you wish to stay at this place, you may contact them below. Look for Miss Melda or Sir Kord. You may also check their website for further information's.

Landline : +63 32 318 8666
Cellphone: +63 927 318 7471, +63 919 481 5190
email: whitesandbungalows@hotmail.com
website: www.whitesand.dk

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  1. I am not really a beach person, but I have heard a lot about Malapascua. I wish we could visit this place one day with the whole family. I don’t think the absence of air-conditioning will attract my wife though.

  2. As long as it`s not heavily raining, the bungalow seems like a great place to stay at. It`s traditional and it reminds me of the province. Also, the refreshing air at night and the soft sounds of the waves of the ocean sounds peaceful and wonderful to me.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  3. The place looks chill but it is quite pricey for a non-aircon accommodation. Malapascua is quite expensive compared to other islands,I guess. but, I think, it is still worth visiting.

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